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Piano Music

The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy in the 1600s. The word piano is short for pianoforte. Piano means soft, and forte means loud. The instrument responds to subtle nuances in the pianist's touch which affect the speed at which the hammers hit the strings, resulting in varied dynamics from very soft to very loud. Large concert grand pianos are used for public concerts because their longer strings produce a better sound with truer overtones. Grand pianos allow pianists greater control, as the hammers move vertically on horizontal strings, returning by gravity which produces greater consistency. However, a well-regulated upright piano can play smoother than a poorly maintained grand piano. Digital pianos generally do not include the sympathetic vibration of other strings, so they do not sound exactly like acoustic pianos, but the technology is constantly being improved.


For Michelle's piano clients, many audio samples are available on this website, and bookings may be easily completed via email, phone and mail.

Audio Samples

Selection Composer
Sweet Dream Peter Tchaikovsky
Waltz in A flat Fréderic Chopin
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt Peter Tchaikovsky
Waltzes 32 and 33, op. 9 Franz Schubert
Longing for Home Albert Jungmann
Gavotte in G J.S. Bach
On Wings of Song Mendelssohn
Salut d'Amour Edward Elgar
Allemande (French Suite in E major) J.S. Bach
Prelude in C J.S. Bach
Rondo Anton Diabelli
Romeo and Juliet Nino Rota
Edelweiss (The Sound of Music) Rodgers & Hammerstein
Over the Rainbow Harold Arlen
The Rainbow Connection (The Muppet Movie) Williams & Ascher
Jersey Bounce Plater, Bradshaw, Johnson
You're Easy to Dance With (Holiday Inn) Irving Berlin
It's a Grand Night for Singing (State Fair) Richard Rodgers
Ashokan Farewell Jay Unger
Anywhere the Heart Goes Henry Mancini
The Dancing Cat Henry Mancini
The Homecoming Hagood Hardy
Summer Samba Marcos & Paulo Valle
Tico Tico de Abreu
You're In Love, Charlie Brown Vince Guaraldi
Here, There and Everywhere Paul McCartney
Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton
Old Joe Clark's Boogie Gerald Martin
This Year's Love David Gray
All I Want is You U2

Past Piano Recordings

These are excerpts from cassette tapes of past audition submissions and recitals performed by pianist Michelle Kyle (née Hunchak). All rights reserved. Enjoy!

Selection Composer Time Notes
Prelude and Fugue J.S. Bach 3:26 C sharp major, Book I
Etude de Concert No. 2 Franz Liszt 4:49 "La Leggierezza"
Caprice No. 6 Eckhardt-Gramatté 4:20 Canadian composer
Etude, op. 2, no. 4 Prokofiev 1:41
Etude, op. 4, no. 1 Szymanowski 4:00
Première communion Olivier Messiaen 7:36 ... de la Vierge
Noel, Regard des Anges Olivier Messiaen 4:18 and 4:34. Loud!
Sonata, 1st movement Beethoven 8:11 Mark Fraser, cellist
Sonata, 2nd movement Beethoven 7:29 C major, op. 102, no. 1
Scattering Dark and Bright David Chaitkin 17:24 Brian McCue, percussion
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