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Michelle Kyle

Wedding Ceremonies

Michelle Kyle is very familiar with wedding music repertoire, procedure and venues, with over 20 years of experience organizing and performing live music for wedding ceremonies throughout Ontario.

Ceremony music includes a quarter-hour of music before the ceremony as guests arrive, and music selections for the Processional, Signing of the Register and Recessional. More music may be played during the ceremony if desired, for example, between readings or for a candle ceremony. Since weddings often begin late, Michelle or her ensemble will continue to play music before the ceremony until you are ready to begin.



If you have a friend who you would like to sing for your wedding ceremony, Michelle or her ensemble can accompany your singer for one or two songs. We recommend that your singer be experienced enough to coordinate well with instrumental accompaniment in one rehearsal. Your singer will need to provide the voice-piano sheet music in his or her key to Michelle. If you are hiring any instruments other than piano, Michelle will write a custom arrangement for the instruments you have selected to accompany the singer. If you would like a singer but don't have one, Michelle can recommend one to you.

Custom Arrangements

If you would like certain music for your ceremony that Michelle or her ensemble does not already play, you may provide the piano sheet music (preferred) or an MP3, which Michelle will use to write a custom arrangement for the instruments you have selected. Not all music works for two melodic instruments (violin-cello), as a third instrument may be needed to fill in the harmonies. Most music sounds good when arranged for string trio (two violins and cello): hear string trio audio samples.

Ceremony Music Repertoire

Music for wedding ceremonies is traditionally classical music, because it has enduring beauty. But other kinds of music also sound elegant when played by strings. Your relationship is unique, your musical tastes are unique, and your ceremony music can be music of any style that has meaning for you. For example, on request, Michelle has played as processional music, Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender, Aerosmith's I don't wanna miss a thing and Ennio Morricone's Gabriel's Oboe, and as recessional music, Vince Guaraldi's Linus and Lucy, Journey's Don't Stop Believing, and the Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four. For your wedding ceremony, Michelle is happy to play your favourite songs, or to assist you in choosing music that creates the atmosphere you envision.

Sand ceremony
Family sand ceremony

Processional Music

Music for the processional (walking in) is generally calm, stately music, at a good walking pace. You may have one processional for everyone, or different music for the bride. If you choose different music for the bride, ensure musicians are located where we can see the bride at the back when everyone is standing, to know when to change the music. Processional music ends when the procession reaches the front, so you will not hear the whole piece. Depending on the length of the walk and the size of your wedding party, you may only hear the first few bars. If you prefer, you may choose to stand at the front and listen to the entire piece.

Selection Composer        
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring J.S. Bach Solo Piano   String Trio Piano Trio
Wedding March Richard Wagner Solo Piano      
Canon in D Johann Pachelbel Solo Piano String Duo String Trio Piano Trio
Largo George Handel Solo Piano      
Larghetto George Handel Solo Piano      
Processional (Royal Fireworks) George Handel Solo Piano      
Once Upon a Time in the West Ennio Morricone     String Trio  

Signing of the Register Music

Music for signing of the register (marriage documents) is usually gentle and lyrical. This is a good place in the ceremony for a featured piece of music that you particularly like, or a song performed by a singer with instrumental accompaniment. While you and your witnesses sign your documents, your guests can enjoy hearing the entire piece.

Selection Composer        
Air on the G String J.S. Bach Solo Piano String Duo   Piano Trio
Sheep May Safely Graze J.S. Bach Solo Piano      
Air from Water Music George Handel Solo Piano String Duo    
Meditation from Thas Jules Massenet Solo Piano     Piano Trio
Ave Maria Franz Schubert Solo Piano     Piano Trio
Ashokan Farewell Jay Unger Solo Piano      

Recessional Music

Music for the recessional (walking out) follows the announcement of the newly married couple, and is upbeat and joyful in celebration. The entire piece is played, followed by one more joyful piece of music while guests are leaving.

Selection Composer        
Trumpet Voluntary J. Clarke Solo Piano      
Trumpet Tune J. Clarke Solo Piano      
Finale (Hornpipe, Water Music) George Handel Solo Piano      
Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah) George Handel Solo Piano      
Ode to Joy (9th Symphony) L. van Beethoven Solo Piano      
Triumphal March (Aida) Giuseppe Verdi Solo Piano      
Rondeau Jean Mouret   String Duo   Piano Trio
La Rejouissance George Handel       Piano Trio
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