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About Us

Bill has been commuting by bicycle as his main form of transportation for 14 years in Toronto. He rides 10 months of the year. His recent daily commute was 50 minutes (20 miles) each way. Bill has done cycling trips from Toronto to Picton, Montreal to Ottawa, Montreal to London, Ontario, and Montreal to the coast of Maine, including many centuries (100 miles per day). He has wanted to cycle across Canada since he was a teenager.

I have also been commuting by bicycle as my main form of transportation for 14 years in Toronto. I ride year-round in all weather. My recent daily commute has been only 10 minutes each way. Prior to this trip, I had no experience with long cycling trips. However, I have experience lead climbing, motorcycling and keelboat racing under difficult conditions (e.g. climbing the mast twice in a storm), so I can be tough.

Bill and I met on October 4, 2003. Six months later, we were married. For our honeymoon, we went cycling in the Netherlands. Nine months after we met, we began our cross Canada cycling trip. Bill was 41; I turned 41 on day 18. Bill works in process management. I am a musician, and I teach adult piano students. We live in Toronto, Canada.

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