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Original equipment

This is what we started out with. We aimed to travel light and did not bring a stove, fuel or cooking pots.

  Bill's equipment Michelle's equipment
Bicycle 13-year old mountain bike (26" tires) with more than 40,000 miles on it New hybrid city bike (28" tires)
Bike gear Tire repair kit, 3 x 26" tubes, 3-prong allen key, other allen keys, wrench, pedal wrench, spoke wrench, hand pump, box cutter, front & rear lights, lock, helmet, bicycling gloves, 2 panniers, backpack Cordless bike computer, multi-tool, 1 x 28" tube, rear light, lock, helmet, bicycling gloves, 2 panniers, handlebar pouch, seat pouch
Camping gear Tent, tent poles, tarp, 2 bowl-plates, 2 cutlery, 2 plastic glasses, J-cloth, 2 sun tan lotion, flashlight, bungie cords Sleeping bag (+5 degrees), blanket, 2 pillow cases, 2 therm-a-rests, Off, Muskol, AfterBite, SeamGrip, swiss army knife, duct tape, clothesline string, 2 paper clips
Food 2 water bottles 2 water bottles, container: gatorade mix, psyllium, 3 power bars, scoop
Clothing Cycling/rain jacket, clip-on shades, 2 pair running shoes, cycling shorts, tights, shorts, 3 t-shirts, 4 underwear, 3 pair socks, cotton pants, long-sleeved top Cycling jacket, rain jacket, clip-on shades, running shoes, cycling shorts, 3 tank tops, t-shirt, 4 underwear, 3 pair socks, bra, dressier cotton top & capri pants, sweat top & pants, flip flops
Miscellaneous Wallet, keys, lightweight camp towel, toiletries, maps, first aid kit, toilet paper Mini-wallet, keys, towel, toiletries, camera, notebook, pen, measuring tape, bathing suit, swim goggles, alarm clock watch, mini-compass, plane tickets
Things we didn't use much

We used these rarely or not at all: box cutter, spoke wrench, bike lights, first aid kit, handlebar pouch, seat pouch, blanket, Off, Muskol, AfterBite, SeamGrip, clothesline string, 2 paper clips, psyllium, alarm clock watch, mini-compass

Equipment changes

Whenever we replaced an item, we carried the old one with us until we were sure the new one would work out. Removed items were mailed home or discarded.

Day Bill's equipment Michelle's equipment Why
Added Removed Added Removed
4   box cutter, pedal wrench     used to remove bikes from boxes and assemble bikes, finished
6     second pump, women's saddle   pump: backup
saddle: improved comfort
13     warm fleece,
1 pair socks
  gift from Sheila when existing clothes were soaked
17   redundant allen keys   original saddle, saddle pouch, handlebar pouch allen keys: not needed
saddle: successfully replaced
pouches: not needed
24 new front tire old front tire
(Day 26)
one 28" tube,
new cycling gloves
  tire: original equipment worn out
tube: backup
gloves: original equipment worn out
40     rainproof and breathable jacket,
quick-dry pants
old rain jacket, capri pants
(Day 42)
original clothing inadequate for rain
66 warmer gloves, helmet liners, sleeping bag
(-5 degrees)
  warmer gloves, helmet liner blanket additions: colder weather coming
blanket: not needed
73 new back tire old back tire
(Day 83)
    original equipment damaged

Other people's equipment lists

We looked at these lists when planning what we would take with us.

Thomas Schleicher
Mike Vermeulen
Loretta and Marvin Wideen
Kirk Nangreaves
Ted Bullock
Jeff Zakrzewski and Ian Laidlaw

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