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Cyclists who have crossed Canada

While preparing for our trip, we did research on the Web to learn from others who had cycled across Canada.

Year Cyclist Route Distance (km) Days Notes
1984 Dave Shipley   10,778 102 Canadian cyclist travelled alone
1997 Thomas Schleicher Northern Canada   2 months Experienced cyclist from Germany
1997 Mike Vermeulen Alaska, Yellowhead, Trans-Canada 9,299 86
  Mike is an American from Colorado who does cycling trips frequently.
1997 Siegrun Schroeder     3 years Age 33, he crossed Canada in periods spanning 3 years
1998 Mike O'Brien and Karl Désy East to west, near the U.S. border   47 biking,
57 total
Two Canadian Queen's University students
1999 Erik Straarup Trans-Canada 7,089 28
45-year-old cyclist from Denmark travelled alone  
1999 Loretta and Marvin Wideen   6,358 90 biking,
130 total
  They did this trip upon retirement at age 65. Their average mileage was 71 km per day.
2000 Mark Tanner   8,391 95 biking,
125 total
Mark is from New Zealand. He began in February, carrying a huge load. Average mileage was 88 km per day.  
2001 Kirk Nangreaves Trans-Canada 8,495 80
  Kirk is Canadian and was 22. He began the ride with two friends but only he finished.
2001 Lynn McLellan     66
At age 20, she participated in the Tour du Canada group ride.  
2002 Ted Bullock     99
  Ted, age 19 and 230 pounds, travelled alone with 100 pounds of bike and trailer.
2002 Adam K. Sidney, B.C. to Sydney, N.S., back roads 8,932 71 biking,
83 total
He travelled alone. Average mileage 126 km per day.
2002 Jeff Zakrzewski and Ian Laidlaw     105
  Two guys did the trip just after finishing university.
2002 Andre Gagnon Montreal to St. John's, then Vancouver to Montreal 7,401 34
60-year-old cyclist from Montreal travelled alone (year not specified).  
annual Tour du Canada   7,400 58 biking,
69 total
This is the yearly group tour. Their average mileage is 133 km per day.

Pedestrians who have crossed Canada

On our bike trip, we crossed paths with Mark Nightingale, who walked across Canada. As he continues to travel and has some interesting stories to tell of his travels, I've posted a page where you can read about Mark's travels.

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