Adult Piano Lessons
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How We Work Together

Collaborative Approach

My aim as a teacher is to help you develop the skills you need to enable you to play whatever kind of music you enjoy, to feel comfortable at the piano, and to have a positive and fun experience in your lessons, practicing, and playing for or with others if so inclined. You will have your own goals and ideas of what you would like to be able to do on the piano. Even if your expectations may be challenging to meet, you can find fulfillment in working toward what you would like to achieve, as the pleasure often lies in the journey.

It is important for your teacher to understand your goals and be in agreement about the directions your studies will take. I will help you progress toward your goals, in a non-pressured environment where you have freedom to develop your skills at your own pace. Since adults can communicate well to provide ongoing feedback, I view the learning process as an ongoing mutually responsive collaboration of equals.

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