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Welcome. My name is Michelle Kyle, and I teach private piano lessons to adult students. I am not currently taking on new students. If I continue teaching in the future, I would teach in the area of Listowel, Mitchell and Stratford, Ontario, and would post applicable information here at that time.

My piano performance education includes a Master of Music degree from McGill University, and a Fellowship Diploma from Trinity College of Music, London, England, considered equivalent to a doctorate. As an adult student, I completed a law degree, and I have won university awards for music, philosophy, law, computer science, and German.

  Michelle Kyle

I have played piano since I was 4 years old. I began performing music professionally at age 11. I began teaching private piano and cello lessons in 1979. At the McGill University Faculty of Music, I taught undergraduate keyboard proficiency (piano skills for non-pianist music students) and ear training (sight singing and interval recognition). Other teaching experience includes choir direction, music direction of professional and amateur musical theatre productions, and teaching rock climbing. I am a member of the Ontario Music Educators' Association.

Currently, I perform music for private events such as weddings and corporate receptions, and for public concerts. As a pianist, I accompany singers and instrumentalists. I play piano and cello with various chamber music ensembles. You can learn more about me at my music website.

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