Adult Piano Lessons
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"I began piano lessons with Michelle Kyle to improve my accompanying skills for my voice students. Michelle presented piano technique to me in a fun way, building on the skills, experience and ability I already had. She showed me many ways to practice piano repertoire to become more proficient and confident, and I feel more relaxed when playing the piano now. Michelle is a very encouraging, capable teacher who knows how to guide students to achieve their goals and have the best musical experience. I highly recommend her as a piano teacher for adults."

Krystina Lewicki, BFA, NATS
National Association of Teachers of Singing
The Music Room in High Park, Toronto, Ontario
"Encouraging the highest standard in vocal art"

"I began piano lessons with Michelle as a beginner student with no previous experience. I knew that starting from the beginning as an adult would be challenging, but Michelle was able to make my experience both rewarding and enjoyable. She employed a very collaborative approach to learning; we chose music that I found interesting to play and learn. Michelle tailored each lesson to meet my needs as an individual student, and it wasn't long before I felt like I was making steady progress. A patient and observant teacher, I would recommend Michelle Kyle to anyone looking for a great new experience with music."

Kimberley Dunn, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I started lessons with Michelle as a complete beginner -- both at piano and at the whole field of music. She provided a very relaxed and supportive environment that put me at ease with this unfamiliar world. We started at the very beginning, but with Michelle's knowledge and her patient, unhurried lessons, I was playing real pieces before I knew it. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting piano instruction."

Mark Wickens, Toronto, Ontario

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