Adult Piano Lessons
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Why Study Piano as an Adult?

There are many possible reasons to study the piano. Maybe you ...

  • took piano lessons as a child, and would like to continue where you left off
  • have never played, but always wanted to play the piano
  • would like to learn to read sheet music
  • want to play your favourite music by ear, improvise, or compose music
  • write songs, and would like to play accompaniments to your songs
  • would enjoy playing piano with your children or friends who sing or play music
  • sing or play another instrument, and would like to diversify your music skills
  • work in daycare, teach elementary school, or teach singing, and being able to play the piano would help you in your work
  • have had a difficult experience and seek a satisfying hands-on activity as therapy or to improve self-esteem
  • have had a major life change, re-examined your interests, and decided you would enjoy the personal satisfaction of a stimulating creative outlet
  • value the sense of achievement in mastering each piece of music
  • wish to improve your discipline and your ability to focus your concentration
  • would like to calm your mind and relieve stress
  • are retired, and seek an engaging activity to occupy your leisure time
  • wish to enhance your brain function, mental fitness, alertness and memory
  • view life as an adventure and welcome the fresh energy of a new project

Whatever your reason, you can have a fulfilling experience learning to play piano!

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