A Community Choir in North Perth

Membership - Who can join?

Membership is open to adults and mature children who can sing in tune or "mostly" in tune, and who can either read sheet music or learn music by ear. Since this is a four-part choir with sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, singers need to be able to stay on their own part, along with others who are singing the same part. Our first few rehearsals each term are "open houses" in which anyone can participate, to consider whether to tryout to become a member.

Our choir rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings at Trinity United Church in Listowel. The address is 230 Barber Avenue North, Listowel, Ontario, N4W 1R7. Rehearsals begin at 6:30 and end at approx. 9:00 pm, with a 15-minute break for socializing and snacks. People who would like to join the choir need to try out individually after a rehearsal, since we hope to make a beautiful sound. Tryouts this year involve singing Happy Birthday, clapping a rhythm, and singing up and down to determine range for placement.

Membership fee

There is an annual membership fee that helps to pay for music and other ongoing costs. The 2019-20 membership fee per person is $120 for the entire season from September 2019 to May 2020, or $70 for the first term from September to December 2019. For the second term from January to May 2020, the fee is $50 for first-term members who decide to continue, and $70 for new members.

Todd Kasenberg conducts the Joyful Voices community choir