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Michelle's Journal

Quebec 2

Day Date Entry
62 Thu, Sept 2 A rest and travel day. I took an uneventful flight to Toronto and finished reading my book.
63 Fri, Sept 3 A rest day. I reacquainted myself with my home, computer and cello.
64 Sat, Sept 4 A work day of practicing cello, trio rehearsal, performing, swimming and duo rehearsal.
65 Sun, Sept 5 A work day of more practicing and performing.
66 Mon, Sept 6 I bought a warmer sleeping bag with zippers that connect to our other one, and flew back to Québec.
67 Tue, Sept 7 We found a very nice breakfast place with a huge selection, fresh fruits, fun décor (plastic chickens in wood boxes on the walls!) and an interesting history, called "Chez Cora déjeuners..."

Art and beer labels at Au Temps Gourmand in Beaumont

In Beaumont, we met Michèle Lapointe from Trois-Rivières, cycling alone. She had all the gear, but was entirely new to cycling and on her first three-week local tour. She was inspired by her son, who had cycled across Canada from Trois-Rivières to Victoria, then south to California, then took a bus east to Portland and a ferry to Nova Scotia, then cycled home. After we had set up camp in Montmagny, Bill went for food, saw her on the road and invited her to camp with us. Organized campgrounds are now quieter, as we're into the off-season.

68 Wed, Sept 8

Michelle and Michèle

Michèle joined us for the day's cycling against the wind. It was a faster pace and longer ride than she had been doing, and the hills were hard on her, but she did well. It was like riding with Justin but with roles reversed. It was interesting for me to see how much my cycling had improved since I was in a similar position two months ago. The day's ride was pleasant, in hot summer tank-top weather. We camped in Saint-André, a rock climbing town. After supper in town, we cycled 2K back to the campsite at night, three red tail-lights flashing in the dark.

69 Thu, Sept 9 Our new sleeping bag zipped into the other one was a huge success on its first cold night. We said goodbye, left early and rode 27K in cold winter weather to breakfast in Rivière-de-Loup. We then took a fine gravel bike path along an old railway line, La Route Verte 8. Its frequent rest stops had nice facilities, including sheltered tables, drinking water, tent platforms, fireplaces with firewood and barbecues with utensils, all just for cyclists. Québec treats cyclists well!

If it hadn't been raining the whole time, it would have been quite pleasant. In the rain, we saw no other cyclists along the path. Once your feet are completely soaked, there's no need to avoid the puddles. About 80% of the path was on a gradual uphill slant, and my quad muscles burned slightly throughout the day. When we arrived at a Cabano motel, we and our gear were very wet and muddy, and the friendly motel owner hosed us down with a garden hose.

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