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Michelle's Journal

New Brunswick

Day Date Entry
70 Fri, Sept 10 We waited until late morning when the rain stopped to hit the road. Bill wanted to avoid more dirt from the path in his gears, so we started on the highway up to Notre-Dame-du-Lac. As the highway was busy and had big hills, we returned to the Route verte and found it had a better surface than yesterday. The path was scenic, through trees and along the water, and more enjoyable without the pouring rain. On entering New Brunswick, we started on busy Highway 2, then continued on the quieter Highway 144. At 100K, we reached a Saint-Léonard campground and roasted marshmallows over a campfire.

New Brunswick's provincial boundary sign above the bike path
71 Sat, Sept 11 Today's ride was very hilly but pleasant, on quiet roads in warm T-shirt weather. We tried a New Brunswick cycling path, but it was rough and apparently unenforced, as a motorbike sped by, so we returned to the highway. Tonight we're at a motel in Florenceville, the home of McCain french fries.

Grand Falls
72 Sun, Sept 12 Another pleasant summer day of hilly riding. As an alternative to a big hill, again we tried the cycling path. Parts were good, but other parts were jagged rocks and mud ponds. On the path, we met two local cyclists with a dog named Bear. They said the path was well used for mountain bike racing but didn't consider touring cyclists. Once I viewed it as mountain biking, I had fun scrambling over the scree. Bill didn't like it, going slower and saying we were lucky not to get flat tires. The rest of the day was much like yesterday, going up and down hills, viewing farms and waterfront homes along the St. John River. At our campsite, we roasted marshmallows and lay on the dock watching the stars.
73 Mon, Sept 13 The morning ride was cold, windy and hilly. In Fredericton, Bill bought and installed a new rear tire on his bike, as the existing one had become wobbly and distorted as the result of a pothole. I perused artisans' crafts, and we had coffee. An old lady with a cane fell while crossing a highway, and Bill helped her to her feet. He's a nice guy, my Bill! After Fredericton, we enjoyed some nice flat road with favourable winds, and then it got hilly again. We camped and had a wienie roast!
74 Tue, Sept 14 The morning was very cold. After several days on the quieter Highway 105, today we rode on Highway 2, the Trans-Canada. It's smooth with a wide shoulder, as good as Saskatchewan roads, and relatively quiet. Although the road is well maintained, there's nothing out here but trees. Occasional local roads crossing over the highway don't intersect with it. We found one breakfast restaurant near the intersection of Highways 10 and 2, then there was nothing until Salisbury. The ride on very long, gradual hills was pleasant in sunny weather. Moncton seems vibrant and active. We had to walk a distance to the neighbouring town of Dieppe to do laundry, then watched the movie "I, Robot" at our motel.

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