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Michelle's Journal

Prince Edward Island

Day Date Entry
75 Wed, Sept 15

The ride along the quiet road on New Brunswick's east coast was pleasant despite a heavy cross-wind. We crossed the bridge to Prince Edward Island in a truck with our bikes attached behind it.

The 1997 bridge is 12.6 km long, and cyclists are not allowed to ride across it. A group of 30 cyclists once rode across to make a point about pollution, and each was fined $75. There are cameras all over the bridge, so if a cyclist starts riding across, they drive up in a truck and pick up the cyclist.

76 Thu, Sept 16 I love the red P.E.I. dirt! It makes me happy. I want to burrow and bathe in it, drink it, breathe it, mix my self with it. I don't know why.

The countryside is gorgeous. Today's climbs were rewarded at the summit with views that made me gasp in awe. This was a blissful day. The bike paths and quiet roads are very good. We enjoyed seafood at a New London restaurant. My knees are getting sore on the climbs.

New London

The area north of Charlottetown is very touristy, with wax museums, glow-in-the-dark mini golf and hundreds of tourist cottages. Tourist offerings are heavily dominated by Anne of Green Gables paraphernalia.

Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthplace

Green Gables, back of the house

Green Gables, front of the house
77 Fri, Sept 17 Climbing against the wind, my knees are now quite sore and my bike feels like it's made of lead. This was our slowest pace since Day 3. We enjoyed visiting the CheeseLady's workshop and seeing how Martina ter Beek makes Dutch gouda cheese. After a short ride to a Stratford motel, the best price near Charlottetown, we feasted on wine, cheese and grapes. At the International Shellfish Festival in Charlottetown, we heard some excellent Maritime bands with fiddlers and spoon players, and enjoyed tasty clams, oysters, mussels, chowder and wine. We really like it here. We'll stay another day.

Fiddler Richard Wood's band and three spoon players
78 Sat, Sept 18 A rainy rest day. I visited the Charlottetown Confederation Centre of the Arts art gallery and library, the best library I've seen for free internet access, with many computers and no download blocking. In the evening, we heard "Acadie en Musique" at the Mack Theatre. It was an excellent performance by five singers and multi-instrumentalists, featuring song and dance with bilingual, humorous narration of Acadian history.

A military band played as veterans gathered at a war memorial
79 Sun, Sept 19 Another rainy rest day. Bill read in the Beanz coffee shop while I wandered around Charlottetown in the rain. In the evening, we vegged and read books in our motel room.

Baseball in the rain

Lovely red rocks along the boardwalk

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