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Bill's Journal

Quebec 2

Day Date Entry
62 Thu, Sept 2 A rest day.
63 Fri, Sept 3 A rest day.
64 Sat, Sept 4 A rest day.
65 Sun, Sept 5 A rest day.
66 Mon, Sept 6 A rest day.
67 Tue, Sept 7

Quebec City viewed from across the St. Lawrence River

Quebec City to Montmagny. It took a while to get through Quebec City. We finally crossed the river to the south shore at about 1 p.m. We picked up a very excellent bike path on the south shore. We were out of the greater Quebec City area by 2 p.m. At lunch (3 p.m.), we met a lone cyclist. She caught up to us at Montmagny and we camped at the same site.

68 Wed, Sept 8 We started out a bit late. The winds were tough head-winds. I led all the way. Considering the wind, it was a good ride. We camped again.
69 Thu, Sept 9 More head-winds to Rivière-de-Loup. We then turned southeast and picked up a trail that leads all the way to Edmundston. It was a good trail but unpaved, with hard packed sand instead. It rained very hard (the remnants of a hurricane) and my shifters got pretty gunked up. We got soaked and took a motel.

Lush greenery along the Quebec cycling trail

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