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Bill's Journal

New Brunswick

Day Date Entry
70 Fri, Sept 10 It was pouring rain in the morning, so we sat it out until noon. We tried the highway to Edmundston but found its wide shoulder a little chunky. We returned to the trail and found the surface better. It was a pleasant afternoon. We finally left Quebec. New Brunswick's roads are good, as all cyclists commenting on the Web have indicated. We camped in Saint-Léonard and enjoyed a campfire.
71 Sat, Sept 11 It was a foggy morning that cleared off by 10 a.m. We took quiet roads to Florenceville. This was pleasant cycling. The only downer is that there is no campground and nothing looked good for free camping.
72 Sun, Sept 12

We rode both ways over the world's longest covered bridge, Hartland

The roads remain quiet. The weather remains quite fine. To avoid a large hill, we took a lakeside trail. The trail was really too rough for our laden bikes. We returned to the road and enjoyed the quiet hills. We camped about 30K from Fredericton.

73 Mon, Sept 13 In the morning while packing my bike, I noticed that my rear tire was bulged out of shape. When we got to Fredericton, I replaced it with a new one. We had a very productive day of 130K and camped again.
74 Tue, Sept 14 Our original plan was to head down to the Bay of Fundy area. However, we decided to cut across to Moncton. This frees up time for P.E.I. We are staying in Moncton tonight.

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