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Bill's Journal

Prince Edward Island

Day Date Entry
75 Wed, Sept 15

Shediac lobster shop

Moncton to Prince Edward Island. We cycled from Moncton to Shediac, then along the coast to the bridge into P.E.I. Bikes are not allowed on the bridge, so we took the free shuttle bus and camped soon after.

Entering P.E.I.
76 Thu, Sept 16 P.E.I. is really outstanding cycling. The island is honeycombed with quiet roads rolling up and down hills. There is little traffic. There is also a hard packed trail which is quite rideable even for our bikes.

The P.E.I. bike trail

We took a combination of road and trail up to the north coast. I got a really bad puncture in Kensington.

77 Fri, Sept 17 I have become quite fond of P.E.I. It is a cyclist's paradise. I like the hills and the energy required to climb them. There is very little traffic, and the islanders are happy, friendly and civil. We took a short ride to Charlottetown and attended the Shellfish Festival. It was a great time. The music and seafood were grand.

Fiddler Cynthia MacLeod performs as chefs present their chowder

Fiddler Richard Wood and this spoon player really cooked
78 Sat, Sept 18 A rest day.
79 Sun, Sept 19 A rest day.

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