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Bill's Journal

Quebec 1

Day Date Entry
56 Fri, Aug 27

Cornwall to Montreal. A very hot day. There was a nice bike path that we picked up about 50K east of Cornwall. This made the ride to Montreal doubly pleasant, as Cornwall to the Quebec border was nice. We crossed on to Montreal Island without too much trouble. Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue is nice, but has no B&B or hotel. We took a Comfort Inn in Pointe-Claire, my old home town. I showed Michelle my old house.

57 Sat, Aug 28 We decided on a day off, to time our ride through Montreal for the quiet Sunday. We took the bus to Dorval airport and rescheduled our flight. We both bought books for reading and relaxation. We hung around Chapters/Starbucks. Starbucks is a very rare treat on this trip.
58 Sun, Aug 29 Pte. Claire to Berthierville. We continue on the theme of great cycling on smaller roads. In fact, ever since we left Highway 17 at Pembroke, we have faced very little traffic. I am very confident that the worst of the roads and trucks are behind us. Other trends I am noticing are much fewer campgrounds and less chance to bush camp. It is pure farm country and there are no parks. Our weak French intimidates us a little but we are managing. Coffee is *not* a big thing in the country. What is hugely common are "frites maison" (chip stands) and while they serve up good hot dogs and burgers cheap, they are not into coffee.
59 Mon, Aug 30 Berthierville to Trois-Rivières. Since Michelle is flying back to Toronto from Quebec city, we have a very easy schedule to keep. The roads are very good. We got a little rain. The country remains flat farm land.
60 Tue, Aug 31 Trois-Rivières to Neuville. It is growing more hilly. The road is closely following the river. The towns are very pretty. Each town has a tall church. The rural French take great pride in their homes. My French is getting a bit better. We chose a nice campground. Tomorrow is a tiny ride of 25K into Quebec city.
61 Wed, Sept 1 Quebec city. This was hardly a cycle, but anyhow. Michelle is flying to Toronto tomorrow on points. I am hanging around Quebec city for five more days. We took special care to shop around for a nice rate at a decent hotel. The hotels near the old city are pricey, so we took a nice room near the airport. We went into Quebec city and did the tourist thing. We enjoyed a very fine meal at a good price at a French restaurant. We toured the old city and the citadel.

Château Frontenac

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