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Bill's Journal

Nova Scotia

Day Date Entry
80 Mon, Sept 20 We resumed cycling after a two-day layover in Charlottetown. Our objective today was to get off P.E.I. It was very windy and cold, but the wind was going the right way. We did not have a hard ride to the ferry at Wood Islands. However, the wind made for a somewhat rough ferry ride to Nova Scotia. We were both a little green for the balance of the day to New Glasgow. I misjudged the time of day and we had to break out the lights to get to New Glasgow.

81 Tue, Sept 21 We decided to cut across Nova Scotia to the Atlantic coast. This made for a day on very quiet roads. Nova Scotia is nice but is obviously not economically vibrant. The roads are dotted with abandoned farms. There are very few services. This is good for quiet roads, but not good for finding restaurants. We camped in Stillwater near the coast.
82 Wed, Sept 22 Continued pleasant cycling. This part of Nova Scotia would be a cheap place to retire. There is tons of land and little industry to elevate prices. The roads are of average quality but there is nearly no traffic. We sneaked into a "closed" provincial park and cooked hot dogs with deadwood.

83 Thu, Sept 23 We turned against the wind for some tough cycling to get to Cape Breton Island. In the interest of speed, we took the main highway to St. Peter's. It was cold.
84 Fri, Sept 24 Cape Breton's roads are not too good for cycling when there is traffic. As such, we bailed out of Highway 4 to get over to a quieter coastal road. It was a good idea, as the balance of the day was very quiet. The exception was the last 20K to Sydney, but that's okay.

85 Sat, Sept 25 A rest day.
86 Sun, Sept 26 A very short ride from Sydney to North Sydney, where early tomorrow we will take the ferry to Newfoundland.

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