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Bill's Journal


Day Date Entry
18 Tue, July 20 Youngstown to Kindersley. Good winds again. Had a great homemade lunch sub in a small store in the valley town of Flaxcombe. About 15K short of Kindersley, we got clobbered with a very fierce storm. There was no shelter, so we kept pedaling. The storm persisted, so eventually we took shelter in the lea of a truck weigh scale office (it was closed). When the storm abated, we made Kindersley. We are now in Saskatchewan!

19 Wed, July 21 Kindersley to Rosetown. Good winds yet again. This was a promising day that ended with rain. For morning coffee, we pulled into the small town of Harris. The many farm folk in the coffee shop greeted us with enthusiasm as we told them of our adventure. I have grown to like the weak country coffee served in these places because one can have many cups of it without getting too messed up on caffeine. We had lunch at Rosetown but then got trapped by stormy weather. We stayed at the crappiest motel yet encountered. Oh well.

You can see prairie towns ahead by their tall grain elevators
20 Thu, July 22 Rosetown to Saskatoon. The winds were less friendly today as we turned northeast. A stiff ride today.
21 Fri, July 23 (see day 24)
22 Sat, July 24 (see day 24)
23 Sun, July 25 (see day 24)
24 Mon, July 26 Saskatoon. A bit of rest. Lots of helping for the July 24 wedding party. I did a couple of short cycles to remind my legs of the bike. Lots and lots of food and socializing.

Leaving Saskatoon
25 Tue, July 27 Saskatoon to Wynyard. This was the first century of our tour. We did 189K, well over 100 miles. The winds were ideal. About 50K into the ride, we stopped in the little town of Colonsay. We had the best fried rice I've ever had. Many of these tiny prairie towns have a Chinese restaurant. The rest of the ride was uneventful. We stayed with Michelle's aunt.

In Wynyard with Aunts Anne from Toronto and Mary from Wynyard
26 Wed, July 28 Wynyard to Theodore. Good winds. A long mid-day visit with some relatives of Michelle's resulted in a grand meal of steak and salad. We were also interviewed for the local paper. We made the small town of Theodore and stayed in a poor motel.
27 Thu, July 29 A more satisfying 116K in less favourable winds than the previous day. We met two French Canadian cyclists from Montreal going the other way. They are cycling Montreal to Vancouver, then flying to St. John's and cycling to Montreal. Kind of a cool way to do it. It's cold tonight. Moteling it.

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