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Bill's Journal

Ontario 3

Day Date Entry
44 Sun, Aug 15 Marathon to beyond White River. For the first time in 12 days we had decent winds. The hills became far more gentle about 20K beyond Marathon. With good winds, we made White River by 5 p.m. We are about 15K east of White River. We are bush camping in the middle of the pine woods. We did not intend this, but we find ourselves in the middle of a massive blueberry patch. Let's hope the bears do not mind us sleeping on their food.
45 Mon, Aug 16 Blueberry patch to Wawa. Wind, wind, wind. More bad head winds. This was a tough slug to Wawa. We are finding a pattern with camping and moteling, and have moteled in the motel recommended by the cyclist we met outside Marathon. We did some hot tub and sauna. Not bad.
46 Tue, Aug 17 Wawa to Montreal River. More winds but a nicer ride. We are still riding by Lake Superior and enjoying the views. We camped down an unmarked lane. We had a truck cruise by, but they let us be. It rained all night.
47 Wed, Aug 18 Montreal River to Goulais River. We got lucky today and dodged a wicked rainstorm. Very bad head winds. Tough riding. Less hilly, but I would take back the hills to lose the winds. At about 4 p.m. a lone cross-country cyclist caught up to us. Ben is from Vancouver. We gabbed for an hour, then he went ahead. He is on a stronger pace. We managed to slug it out to Goulais River. We were losing light and it was raining. We got permission to set up tent behind a restaurant. We did so, and minutes later a wicked storm hit. By then, we were inside the restaurant enjoying excellent hot food. It was very windy all night and I did not sleep well.

Bill and Ben
48 Thu, Aug 19 Goulais River to Blind River. Finally some tail winds. We pushed hard today to make up for the bad winds of the previous 10 days. Our second century at 164K. It is now almost flat. We have left beautiful Lake Superior behind.

Tall brown birds
49 Fri, Aug 20 Blind River to Sudbury. Considering that this was laundry day and we did not get going until noon, this was a very strong day. We managed our second century in two days. The roads and winds were favourable. The fears we had that highway 17 between Sault and Sudbury was going to be difficult were unfounded. It was true that the Friday traffic was bad, but most of the traffic was going the other way. Michelle was very strong on the bike today. We should eat pizza more often.

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