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Bill's Journal

Ontario 2

Day Date Entry
38 Mon, Aug 9

Breakfast at the 17/102 junction. We took leave of Justin, who was free to resume his pace. We did a half day into Thunder Bay. We are going to spoil ourselves with two days at a Best Western. Tomorrow we meet an old friend of Michelle's. It was good to see Lake Superior, which I last saw in my student years of summer railroad work.

39 Tue, Aug 10 A rest day. Met Michelle's friend.
40 Wed, Aug 11 A rest day.
41 Thu, Aug 12 After two full rest days, we were ready for the road. My body feels good with no sores or pains usually present after many days riding with no break. About 10 days previous we received advice from the two Québecois that highway 11/17 from T-Bay to Nipigon was bad. This advice was true. The road is busy and in bad shape, and the local log truck drivers are asses (some of them). We met two lads from Peterborough area going east to west. 10K later we met Réjean who is riding a bizarre double decker bike. Anyhow, we did a decent look and have found a good campsite. I write this beside a cheerful fire. Tomorrow we start the day with a decent breakfast and hit Nipigon. I worked many weeks in Nipigon for the railroad during the summer of '84. It will be interesting to see the place. It is good camping weather.
42 Fri, Aug 13 This was a good day for cycling and seeing things. We had breakfast at the campground and cycled into Nipigon. It has changed little since my 1984 stint on the railroad. We resumed our trip loaded with food from the grocery store. The cycling was superior to anything yet encountered since Saskatchewan. After the 11/17 split, the traffic was about half. The roads were better too, so it was good riding. The road hugs the lake and it is very pretty. The hills make for the most serious climbing since B.C. and Alberta, but not as lengthy as the B.C. climbs. We are free camping at a picnic area and hope not to get rousted by the cops. There is no "no camping" sign but technically we probably should not be here. Ah well, "it's all freedom ..."

The rocks near our free camping site
43 Sat, Aug 14 Rossport to Marathon. This was very pretty cycling. Highway 17 is very hilly at this point. These steep windy climbs and the road's proximity to the lake make for excellent cycling. The surface is in good shape and the traffic is sparse. Physically, this was the strongest day in many. The 120K ride on such hills was very satisfying. As it was promising to be a very cold night, we decided to use a motel. We picked the poshest inn in Marathon. We ordered Chinese food, and I watched the original Blues Brothers movie on tv.

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