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Bill's Journal

Ontario 4

Day Date Entry
50 Sat, Aug 21 This was a half day. We did not get started until after 12 as Michelle spent the morning updating our internet site. We cycled from Sudbury to Sturgeon Falls - 96K. Highway 17 is less good than we have experienced since Nipigon. Sturgeon Falls is a nice compact town, a perfect place for sleep and food.

51 Sun, Aug 22 It was pretty cool to meet folks doing the same thing we are at age 65. I like the idea of cycling up to the Arctic Circle in Alaska, as they did. We had a productive day, but Highway 17 has become the worst since T-Bay. It is not fun cycling in the afternoon when the traffic is heavy. We are camped on the lawn of a motel.

Ingrid and Richard Adams, and us
52 Mon, Aug 23 We got an early start. Again the cycling was only pleasant in the morning and not enjoyable in the heavier afternoon traffic. However, we managed about 100K in hilly conditions.
53 Tue, Aug 24 For the first time since B.C. we decided to take minor roads and get off the beaten track. It was an excellent decision. We took small county roads from Pembroke to Arnprior. These roads were very quiet, yet in excellent shape. We went through small nice little towns such as Beachburg and Braeside. This was a very pleasant day's cycling of 137K.
54 Wed, Aug 25 Arnprior to Burritt's Rapids. We are avoiding Ottawa. To do so, we have to take a series of roads. These roads point SouthSE or EastNE. We elected to go SouthSE to distance ourselves from the Ottawa traffic. There was a very heavy head wind all day, and it was warmer than we have felt since the prairies. We made it to Burritt's Rapids on the Rideau Canal and are camping at the locks. It is a nice place to camp. The park rangers are on a rotating strike and the first guy wanted to let us skate on the fee, but the second guy overrode him and it cost me $15 to camp. Oh well, the site is ideal and it's cheaper than the motels.
55 Thu, Aug 26 Burritt's Rapids to Cornwall. More fine cycling on minor but paved roads. I am coming to the conclusion that eastern Ontario is an excellent place to cycle if one has a good map and takes the minor roads. Highway 18 is very quiet and in good shape. The weather was hot and summer-like.

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